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The Collector by hello-magpie The Collector by hello-magpie
Here it is...the first real piece I've made since graduating. Art again. And it actually feels pretty good. I knew it would take a few months at least to get most of that shit (i.e. RISD anxiety and resentment) out of my system, but it's enough gone that I could make this (in under two days) for the New Urban Arts mentor show this Friday.

I credit NUA with helping me overcome my art-block, but I also more than anything credit my partner, :iconlonghair: , whose work is inspirational to me (and whose ideas I borrow/steal's okay, she does the same to me). She's my biggest support and after months of her begging me to draw, sculpt, anything, I'm finally doing it. Hopefully more will follow.
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Pale90sKid Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love this so much.
MacGwyver Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013   Digital Artist
This is wonderfully elaborate. I especially enjoy the details of the face and the elaborate structure of the horns. Great work :)
darkmae76 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
woww amazing ^_^
Leahlemur Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
Wow. This is some crazy inspirational imagery.
lylalyla Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Professional Filmographer
ICONcreations Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist
dreamcatcher or trophy ?
CheeseVision Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
This is fantastic!
thandav Featured By Owner May 6, 2011  Professional General Artist
very nice
thandav Featured By Owner May 6, 2011  Professional General Artist
Ilopissa Featured By Owner May 6, 2011  Student Artist
So gorgerous <3
eternal-pizza-party Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011  Student General Artist
i am absolutely in love with this
so stunning
confetti-cake Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011
This is terrifying, and beautiful. This honestly scares me more than anything I've ever seen on dA, but it's so artistic and delicate looking. I love how fur is used at the base of the neck, and those eyes! They look right through you. Just fabulous.
artbikekayakgirl Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011   Artist
Very cool! Love those eyes! Was totally worth the slaughtering. She's a little creepy, yet gentle-looking. Love the misc. things hanging from string...(did that in one of effect) I've never tried paper clay....I guess it's either not lumpy or easily looks so smooooth.
Great work! Your future students will love you!


P.S. I think you COULD've baked in the eyes. I've baked plastic eyes in my tiki necklaces, also chin hairs (paint brush bristles) and neither of them melted.....but then my oven temp became "off" over time and was really 325 instead of 275 (like it should've been),and then they DID melt! Hint: make sure your oven is at the right temp with an oven thermometer, and experiment with something...ONE thing instead of a whole pan chock full of tiki heads, as was the case with me. I could've cried.

Yikes! This got long! Sorry!
hello-magpie Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Professional General Artist
Thanks, and I appreciate the tip! I've realized I may be baking at a higher temp than is really necessary for the clay, so maybe I'll try baking the eyes in at a lower temp next time. The paperclay method is easy enough for now though (and yes it's very easily sanded).
Nekranea Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
Fantastic work! I love it!
SnailsLoveTea Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Professional Photographer
That is awesome. I'm going to have to check out your partners page a well.
RRedolfi Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010  Professional
absolutely wonderful sculpture; the eyes especially are enchanting. i love all the little doo-dads you hung off of her antlers!
Kaykin Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2010
*Love* Logged on for the first time in forever. I can now stalk your art from across the country. P.S. I've been drawing and water coloring like crazy the past few days. Might start up-loading again.
hello-magpie Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010  Professional General Artist
Yay! Upload stuff! I need to make more stuff and upload it too. I'm definitely using DA a lot more since graduating though, heh.
Kaykin Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
Yeah! Make more art! We should all make more art! You know, now that I've graduated I've got a sudden urge to start posting stuff to DA again... Didn't really give it two thoughts while in school. I wonder why the change? XD
Sleetwealth Featured By Owner May 23, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
That little face is adorable. The horns are personally meaningful to me and the items hanging from it. Its really neat:)
InsgesamtIngobert Featured By Owner May 17, 2010
amazing. I think it works not only as a sculpture but as an illustration/photo as well. great.
Godred Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010
Oh wow this is amazing! its a shame you had an art block, because you're obviously capable of making amazing work.
I actually have my sights set on RISD. But you've gained a sense of anxiety and resentment from them. I do want to know the bad parts of them but they only talk about the good. if you could help me, what was it that made it a negative experience for you? If you don't mind my asking.
hello-magpie Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thank you!

Uh...well, honestly, RISD can be incredibly amazing or hellish depending on what you want out of it, and for me it was both? It's insanely intense...some majors are more relaxed than others, but when thinking about the RISD experience it's easier to compare it to medical school than it is to liberal arts colleges, i.e. you will devote ALL your time to what you're doing and sacrifice your sleep and your social life. There aren't really any "clubs" or extracurriculars at RISD. You're either in your studio or you're sleeping, and we don't do much sleeping. If you're absolutely devoted to your work (which 80-90% of RISD is, part of what makes it an amazing experience is being around so many talented and driven artists), it can be the best thing ever. For me, art stopped being fun due to all the stress/deadlines, and I realized that I didn't actually want a career in commercial art because I'm just not the right kind of person. So I got sort of messed up in my relationship to art and needed a break. But I don't regret going to RISD at all.

If you want to talk more about it, feel free to note me! Hope this helps? I don't want to discourage you at all, but it's good to know both sides!
friekindonky Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
very cool - charles avery like
mammalfeathers Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2010   General Artist
I -love- this. More! please
hevic Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2010
amazing work, I just love it!
Megeso Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010
Fascinating! I really believe that friends like that are the best ones to have; those that support you and your art. Beautiful work!
echosheart Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2010
holy crow, this is amazing, i must say im glad she pestered you, it was worth it :) this is fantastic
taslishaw Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2010  Student
What the heck. This is the most amazing thing to hang on a wall EVER. GORGEOUS.
TheXRainbowXNinja Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I think it's beautiful. How'd ya make the head? What did you use for the piercings?

Curiosities, many of them, because I am not a sculptor. :<
hello-magpie Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010  Professional General Artist

The head is Sculpey (bake-dry polymer clay), with a little paper clay (air-dry clay) forming the eyelids to hold in the plastic eyes, since I couldn't bake them in. The earrings are just wire loops, large jump rings really, that I put through by drilling holes through the ears after I'd baked them.
bluedolby Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009
I love this--and you're right! I see Longhair's influence here, beautifully translated into a piece that speaks with your voice.
maria-neiti Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2009
wonderful and so strange!
EyesRadioLies Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome!!! I wish I had the time and resources to make something like this.
Medicine-Widow Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009
This is seriously strange. I love it :D
theRast Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2009
soooo awesome!
PallidPallet Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2009
Oh so inspiring!
teamyawn Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2009
This is really cool - what is the material?
hello-magpie Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009  Professional General Artist
Thanks! The head is a combination of Sculpey Ultra-Light and Creative Paperclay, with plastic eyes (I slaughtered a Beanie Baby for them). The antlers are Paperclay on wire. Then there's faux fur, and lots of odds and ends (real bones, mushrooms, feather, nuts, etc) on string, and a wooden plaque. Those are bells around its neck, too.
MoLiFa Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
yes, i am also very interested in the material. also what are the dimensions?
i think it a very well crafted sculpture
hello-magpie Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009  Professional General Artist
Thank you! See below for the materials...

I couldn't tell you the exact dimensions right now (the piece is in the show, and I am at home), but it's not very big...probably about a foot across the antlers?
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